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Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Services

ELM offers a variety of services using small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) services to enhance our existing site management services and tools. ELM’s in-house sUAS technology delivers multiple applications to support the needs of our clients in a time-efficient manner. The sUAS technology results in cost-effective and safe collection of data/information that would otherwise require more costly specialized equipment or higher commitments of staff time to provide similar information. ELM’s sUAS offers improved capabilities in mapping, enhanced data displays, site plans, conceptual site models (CSMs), tracking site conditions, routine long-term monitoring, oversight of contractor activities and real time data collection. The sUAS technology makes it possible to examine environmental processes and changes occurring at spatial and temporal scales that previously would have been difficult to monitor.


ELM provides a range of services, supported by in house FAA Part 107 and OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER certified SUAS pilots, that support our client’s sustainability goals, including: 

  • Aerial photography.
  • Ortho-imagery
  • Videography
  • Topographic data for landscape depictions
  • Vegetation surveys
  • 2D/3D mapping
  • Infrastructure surveys and inspections
  • Real-time data collection.


The sUAS equipment is highly maneuverable and will operate out of the way of other equipment and personnel. Implementation of sUAS services is generally unobtrusive, improves health and safety, facilitates access to unstable or challenging environments, and safely monitors potentially dangerous environments (previously inaccessible areas).


For more information regarding ELM’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems services, please contact Julie Kurz (jkurz@elminc.com) or Cathrine Hanssens (chanssens@elminc.com).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Needs Assessments, Strategic Plans, and Implementation

ELM’s staff has over 20 years of implementing GIS for our clients from the ground up. We take a long-term approach to implementation, first understanding the vision and direction of the GIS strategy from our client before making any recommendations or decisions. A common mistake when implementing GIS is beginning and developing a strategic plan without a comprehensive examination of why a GIS is needed and how it will be used.


ELM understands that GIS does not exist in a vacuum but must be coordinated and integrated with other resources in the organization and between multiple organizations, including data, people, and technologies. The key element is a focus on how the organization will use GIS and not on technological elements or approaches required for the related systems/applications.  ELM will work with our client to develop a strategic plan that is flexible in terms of costs and schedule, with an understanding that momentum is key for successful GIS implementation.

For more information regarding ELM’s GIS and related services, please contact Matt Woodmansee (mwoodmansee@elminc.com) or Ryan Muggleton (rmuggleton@elminc.com).

Data Management

Data management is one of the cornerstones of a successful company or project. In today’s data-intensive world it is vital to collect, store, and disseminate information accurately and with consistency. ELM has over 30 years of experience designing, collecting, and managing environmental data in GIS and other environmental management platforms. ELM maintains extensive experience with the following platforms and software packages:

  • ESRI’s ArcGIS platform (ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise).
  • Earthsoft’s EquIS platform (Professional and Enterprise).
  • SQL Server.
  • gINT.


ELM has integrated ArcGIS Enterprise with field operations, so crews have access to real-time GIS data on Trimble GPS devices while working at a client site. This reduces our costs to the client while improving the accuracy and completeness of the final product.


While ELM has established data software, collection, and maintenance procedures in place, we are flexible to the needs of our clients and/or projects. We understand that data management cannot be a “one size fits all” and will tailor software and procedures to the client as necessary.


ELM delivers a holistic approach to client and project management, which is reflected in data management and how each piece of data is integrated across our software platforms – GIS data is connected to our environmental database (EQuIS), documents, and our CAD drawings. Our data management team supports each and every practice area.

For more information regarding ELM’s Data Management services, please contact Matt Woodmansee (mwoodmansee@elminc.com) or Ryan Muggleton (rmuggleton@elminc.com).

Data Visualization

The collection and management of data is only part of ELM’s comprehensive approach to understanding the information of a client or project. ELM understands that the display and analysis of data in a way that tells a compelling story and serves the needs of our client is critical. Data visualization can take many forms, including: 

  • GIS figures.
  • Interactive web maps.
  • Infographics.
  • Data tables.
  • Charts/graphs.
  • 3D site models.
  • Hot spot analyses.

ELM uses the latest technologies available to display and analyze data for a project. Our GIS and EQuIS integration allow us to display environmental data in GIS, whether it is a web map or desktop software, in a 2D or 3D environment. Data visualization applications are disseminated throughout ELM, giving our staff direct access to powerful tools that inform decisions and help streamline the investigation and remedial design process.

Some examples of data visualization solutions employed at ELM include:

  • EQuIS Enterprise (dashboard views into our environmental data).
  • ArcGIS Enterprise (web mapping tools with built-in analysis functionality).
  • 3D modeling.
  • R integration for advanced statistical analysis.
  • Infographics from Tableau.
  • GIS tools such as hot spot analysis, groundwater contouring, and compliance averaging using Thiessen Polygons.

For more information regarding ELM’s Data Visualization services, please contact Matt Woodmansee (mwoodmansee@elminc.com) or Ryan Muggleton (rmuggleton@elminc.com).

ELM Launches


Welcome to ELM’s newly upgraded and updated website!  Please see our enhanced and expanded practice area descriptions and New Employee Spotlight and join us in congratulating recently promoted and/or certified ELM employees!!!

ELM Launches


Welcome to ELM’s newly upgraded and updated website!  Please see our enhanced and expanded practice area descriptions and New Employee Spotlight and join us in congratulating recently promoted and/or certified ELM employees!!!