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The ELM Group, Inc. (ELM) is a highly regarded environmental management consulting firm.  We are retained by progressive corporations that are always seeking better ways to see and solve environmental problems.  All levels of staff are required to develop a mindset of how do I “add value” to projects?  ELM employees are recognized for developing and maintaining a depth of expertise that is well-respected by agency personnel and sought after by clients.


At ELM, we are committed to advancing the application of sustainability management as a company and for our clients. Our approach to solving clients’ problems has always been through a holistic analysis aimed at sustainable solutions. A goal of our work is to continuously find creative solutions that match up with the trends in the markets, planning and societal priorities. Our projects span work for a wide range of clients including petro-chemical industries, recycling industries, redevelopment groups and municipalities in diverse settings such as large urban areas, rural watersheds, estuaries/ports and other coastal areas.


ELM employees that consistently add value have a real potential for rapid advancement and opportunities for continuous professional growth.  Individuals are encouraged to work independently, view problems holistically and develop an in-depth technical understanding of decision-relevant details.  Management of complex issues and projects is facilitated through the unique presentations of information, emphasis on knowing the relevant fundamentals that apply to a problem along with the free exchange of ideas among project team members and in-house independent reviews.


ELM‘s corporate philosophy is that the success of individual employees translates to success for the corporation.  ELM therefore embraces a philosophy that encourages the empowerment of individuals, so that all employees have the opportunity to attain their personal and professional goals.  ELM will not only encourage, but will directly support the growth of each employee through a nurturing work environment including flexible work hours, varied work assignments, the resources necessary to complete the task at hand, training and academic enrichment, and the opportunity to test each individual’s limits.


To support our staff, ELM provides in-house and off-site continuing professional training (academic, workshops, professional meetings), cross-disciplinary training.  In addition, participation in professional societies and associations is strongly encouraged and supported.  ELM also offers employees competitive compensation packages with significant company benefits, including 401(k) Retirement and Profit Sharing Program, an Employee Stock Ownership Program, comprehensive medical/dental/vision insurance and routine scheduled employee performance and salary reviews.


When you join ELM, you become part of a company that is embracing a changing future. Our team is known for its development and successful implementation of cutting-edge and innovative projects and programs that advance our clients’ interests sustainably into the future. We ensure a workplace that encourages growth, flexibility, and creativity, as well as a company culture that champions inclusion, diversity and overall employee well-being through initiatives supported by company leadership.