Sustainability has become a major component of corporate management. ELM incorporates key sustainability principles into its projects and client’s objectives by providing our clients with sustainable management solutions to meet their concerns in the context of their corporate goals. In addition, ELM is implementing its own corporate sustainability plan.

ELM provides a range of services, supported by Accredited Sustainability Practitioners and LEED Accredited professionals, that support our client’s sustainability goals, including:

  • Sustainability Analysis
  • Green and Sustainable Remediation Planning and Evaluation – through integration of a complement of sustainable tools into project planning and alternative analysis
  • Environmental Footprint Analysis – evaluate demand on services based on a
    type of consumption
  • Development of sustainable business strategies and implementation plans
  • Sustainable metrics tracking and reporting
  • Compliance Audits, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Waste minimization strategies
  • Environmental-justice Analysis – evaluate disparities in risks related factors such
    as income and race
  • Chemical Alternatives – evaluate options to minimize hazards and wastes
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design Charrettes – develop a mutually agreed upon vision for future land use
    or development
  • Evaluation and alterations of environmental remediation systems through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles and metrics and other value-engineering approaches
  • Social-impact assessment – potential social impacts or benefits of projects
  • Life-cycle analysis – consider all relevant aspects of product (create > use >

ELM's focus on sustainability complements its holistic analysis approach that we apply to all projects. This focus enhances our approach to environmental planning; an approach that is based on the goals and values of the client while recognizing the regional influences, limits of natural resources and the needs of the communities in the project area.

ELM’s commitment to sustainability extends to how it operates its business. ELM conducts its business consistent with its vision for sustainability by:

  • Continually improving the level of employee understanding and commitment to sustainable practices for our clients, for our company and for the employees and their families;
  • Positively impacting the quality of life of this and future generations while optimizing the social, environmental and economic value of the work we do and support to the communities we live in.
  • Regularly evaluating our performance relative to defined goals and metrics, with adjustments made as appropriate.

ELM’s Sustainability services are coordinated by Michael Firth. You can contact him at with any questions about these services.