Permitting and Compliance

ELM is highly qualified to provide complete environmental compliance and permitting services for small and large projects based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Federal, State and Local regulatory policies/regulations and permitting processes.  Our staff can complete the preparation of surface water and ground water discharge permits, waterfront development permits, air permits, wetland and other land use permits, flood hazard permits, storm water permits, and right-to-know (RTK) filings.  We will also assist in completing or coordinating the compliance monitoring activities as required under the permit conditions, as well as conducting environmental compliance evaluations.

Our engineering staff is also available to prepare and certify Spill Prevention (SPCC) or Discharge Prevention (DPCC) plans that may be required for your facility.  ELM's environmental specialists are able to conduct all the necessary surveys/data collection, agency coordination, and mitigation plan development that may be required for your land use permits.  For more advanced environmental management, ELM can also assist in the preparation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), including audits of operations, for compliance with the EMS program.

ELM's Permitting and Compliance services are coordinated by Mr. Ken Hart.  You can contact him at with any questions about our services in this area.