Peter Brussock

Dr. Brussock holds a Ph.D. in aquatic ecology and water resources management including advanced coursework in engineering and planning. He has over 27 years’ experience at The ELM Group, Inc. and is a Managing Partner.

He specializes in the integrated analysis of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of environmental problems and framing that analysis in a site-specific regulatory and planning context. Through comparative analysis of risks, engineering alternatives, benefits and costs, management options are developed to support sound business decisions. In addition, he embraces and has successfully implemented adaptive management strategies as a means of optimizing environmental solutions while managing uncertainties.

Dr. Brussock has directed a large number of environmental assessments and remedial projects involving water resources. Many of these projects have been successfully directed to redevelopment of land to new uses. During the last 20 years, Dr. Brussock has focused on geographically large environmental contamination projects involving complex groundwater and estuary settings. He coordinates the technical, contractor, regulatory/permitting, administrative, planning and risk communication elements of these projects.

He holds several certifications and registrations, such as certified planner, groundwater professional and professional wetland scientist. He has participated on and chaired numerous committees on environmental matters, including appointments to planning commissions and zoning boards. Other experience includes teaching risk assessment for over 10 years, developing and directing environmental compliance programs and testifying expert.


Phone: 215.794.6920

Office: Holicong, Pennsylvania