Mike Firth

Mr. Firth has technical experience in toxicology and risk assessment in both industry and consulting. Specific experience includes human and environmental toxicology and risk assessment support for numerous contaminated sites under RCRA, CERCLA, and state regulations. Risk assessment experience includes numerous detailed multi-pathway human health risk assessments using traditional EPA and Monte Carlo methodologies; sensitivity analyses for complex multi-pathway risk assessments and developing scientifically-defensible, health-based human health and ecological toxicity criteria.

Mr. Firth has experience with a variety of different contaminants including arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorobenzenes, and petroleum-related compounds. Other experience includes serving as lead for science, research, and technical advocacy related to contaminated sediments and providing technical support during multiple emergency response actions related to spills into residential and aquatic environments.

email: MFirth@elminc.com

Phone: 215.794.6920

Office: Holicong, Pennsylvania