NJDEP, LSRPs, Drones, Case Studies, Sustainability and Environmental Law

Author: Mark Fisher and Dave Towsey

ELM Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Services

Author: Cathrine Rinnier

Expedited Site Review

Author: Mark Fisher

Introduction to NJDEP Compliance Averaging

Author: Jeff Moore

Introduction to Attainment of NJDEP Remediation Standards and Site-Specific Criteria

Author: Jeff Moore

NJDEP Alternative Remediation Standards

Author: Jeff Moore

LSRPs Make a Positive Change for New Jersey / How's Your RAP?

Author: Mark Fisher 

Any environmental remediation that incorporates an engineering control or institutional control into its remedy must first obtain a Remediation Action Permit (RAP) from the NJDEP.

New Jersey LSRPs

Author: Mark Fisher 

Focusing on New Jersey's LSRP program: A Growing Environmental Success Story.

Best Practices for New Jersey LSRPs

Author: Mark Fisher 

As the LSRP program has evolved, practitioners have sought to improve their methods of managing remediation work and develop a set of best practices to guide their efforts.

Berry's Creek Study Area

Authors: Doug Tomchuk & Peter Brussock

Adapting adaptive site management to the superfund process for the Berry's Creek study area.

Use of Remedy Performance Metrics

Authors: Peter P. Brussock, Michael J. McNally, Jennifer Wollenberg, and Michael J. Firth

A Hierarchical approach to the use of remedy performance metrics and monitoring for multi-phased sediment remedies.

Amendment Application and Delivery Strategies

Authors: Michael J. McNally, Peter P. Brussock, and David Himmelheber

This presentation summarizes the techniques evaluated in the field and identifies the approaches and procedures that worked most effectively.

Sustainability and the Nine NCP Criteria as Applied to Remedy Evaluation

Authors: Michael J. Firth and Frank Messina

This evaluation provides site decision makers with an opportunity to develop and select the most sustainable remedy that is protective of human health and the environment.