Key Personnel

The ELM Group, Inc. (ELM) maintains a high quality, professional staff with demonstrated expertise to assist you in the management of multimedia environmental concerns.  ELM's staff contributes to our holistic approach (e.g., technical, regulatory, financial and schedule considerations) to understanding your environmental challenges, developing management solutions and successfully implementing the selected approach that meets your objectives.  Click on the names of individuals to see their biographical sketches and contact information.



Mark D. Fisher, LSRP, CHMM - Managing Partner

Peter P. Brussock, Ph.D., AICP - Managing Partner

Hank Martin, P.E.

Kenneth T Hart, LSRP


Jeffery Fehr, P.G., LSRP

Michael Firth

Lauren LaPort, P.E., LSRP

Jeffrey Moore, CHMM

Michael McNally, P.E., LSRP