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The ELM Group, Inc. (ELM) is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and has satellite offices in Holicong and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Contact us today to learn more about ELM or to discuss your needs.

Princeton Office 

 345 Wall Street
   Tel.: 609.683.4848
 Research Park
   Fax: 609.683.0129
 Princeton, New Jersey 08540-1518
 Principals:    Mark Fisher, Ken Hart, Hank Martin
 Associates:    Jeff Fehr; Lauren LaPort, Jeff Moore


 Holicong Office

 4936 York Road, Suite 1000
   Tel.: 215.794.6920
 Buckingham Green II
   Fax: 215.794.6921
 Holicong, Pennsylvania 18928-0306
 Principals:    Peter Brussock
 Associates:    Michael Firth, Michael McNally


 Bethlehem Office

 2591 Baglyos Circle Suite C-45
   Tel.: 610.866.6611
 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020