Jennifer Wollenberg

Dr. Wollenberg has over 16 years of experience in the environmental field, including consulting and academic experience. She has a diversified background in environmental chemistry, ecology, hydrology, and natural resources management/restoration. Her project experience includes characterizations of physical, chemical, and biological conditions of aquatic systems (wetlands, streams, and estuaries) for development of watershed-based management strategies; investigation/remediation; ecological and human health risk assessment; and natural resource assessment/restoration.

Dr. Wollenberg has particular expertise in evaluating contaminant fate and transport, including geochemical transformations in sediment, surface water and groundwater, and the effects of chemical stressors on ecosystem processes and structure such as trophic transfer of contaminants. She combines these skills to design and implement site-specific management approaches that minimize ecological and human health risks and meet regulatory requirements.


Phone: 215.794.6920

Office: Holicong, Pennsylvania